The model 1866 was the first repeating rifle manufactured by the famous Winchester Repeating Arm Co of the US and this is a replica of its saddle ring carbine variant. It was released in 1866 and was affectionately nicknamed the "Yellow-boy", because of its brass receiver. The Winchester repeating rifles were popular and reliable weapons and the 1866, and its predecessors, continued to dominate the US market well into the early 1900s.

Winchester Specification
Real Weapon Battle Storm Weapon
Ammunition 44-40 rim fire Infra Red Laser 980nm
Length 965 mm 980 mm (with barrel unit)
Weight 3.2kg 3.0kg
Magazine Capacity 10 rounds Adjustable 1-99, unlimited
Rate of fire N/A Adjustable 1-1500 rpm
Effective Range About 200M Adjustable