Famas F1

This is a replica of the Famas F1 assault rifle developed in the early 1970's, adopted by the French army in 1978 and known to the French soldiers as "Le Clairon" (the bulge). It has seen some action during the operation "Desert Storm" in Kuwait in 1991, as well as in some peace-keeping operations in the mid and late 1990s, where it has proved itself as a reliable and trustworthy weapon.

Famas F1 Specification
Real Weapon Battle Storm Weapon
Ammunition 5.56mm NATO (.223rem) Infra Red Laser 980nm
Length 757 mm 800 mm (with barrel unit)
Weight 3.6kg 3.24kg
Magazine Capacity 20 rounds Adjustable 1-99, unlimited
Rate of fire 900-1000 rpm Adjustable 1-1500 rpm
Effective Range About 300M Adjustable