Display Unit

The Display Unit is a combined display and sound unit which continuously presents the player with information about the game, in both text and spoken formats.

The display unit provides the player with the following information, which is continuously updated. It is designed to be inserted into a special pocket in the jacket, so it can always be easily read by the player.

  • Text messages containing game and system status for the player.
  • Verbal instructions, reports and sounds.

    In addition, the Display unit also incorporates:
  • Batteries with intelligent charging and management facilities.
  • Receptacle for touchInfo devices.

Text messages
Text messages are presented to players in clear text format using an LCD alphanumeric display with a backlight (for night-time or low light conditions). These messages contain such information as score, game status and diagnostic reports.

Verbal instructions, reports and sounds
Verbal instructions, reports and sounds are pre-recorded real sounds, which are inserted into a recorder semiconductor chip. They are played back using a powerful amplifier and delivered through a speaker. Unlike synthesised sounds, this technique provides more natural voices and sounds.

Batteries and charge management
The Display unit has built in batteries and charge management, to ensure the batteries are always kept in optimum condition. The display will also indicate charge information and status.

Receptacle for touchInfo.
An touchInfo receptacle gives Battle Storm Advanced the simple starting and setup capability, and is an ideal and simple alternative to other methods of starting players. It can also be used as simple methods to regenerate/re-arm players or prove players have achieved an objective.

Display Unit Specification
Material ABS
Size 150 X 115 X 50 mm
Sound 90 db @ 1M
Weight 500gms
Display LCD 2 line x 16 character (with back-light)
Connector (weapon) XLR 5 way socket
Connector (helmet) RJ11 socket
Connector RJ11
Connector (computer) 3.5mm Jack socket
Connector (charging) 2 off charge points
Batteries 2300mAHr x 7.2V