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1. What is Battle Storm Advanced?

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Battle Storm Advanced is a safe, painless and environmentally friendly hi-tech outdoor laser combat simulation system. It is designed and manufactured in the UK by a company established in 1980, who have a long line of experience in Laser systems.

Based on a military theme, replica weapons are used to fire beams of IR at other players and this basic operation can be widely adapted for use by everyone, from tactical firearms training to a fun day out. Requiring skill, teamwork and tactics, Battle Storm Advanced is suitable for teenagers and adults due to its realism and immersive feel.

2. What is a Laser Combat Simulation system?

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Laser Combat, also called Laser Skirmish, is a form of outdoor Laser Tag and is seen as an alternative to paintball, although we have found it can run concurrently with an existing paintball set up

Due to its close link to Laser Tag, Laser Combat can be effectively used as a simulation system as it removes problems such as unfair play from traditional simulation systems like paintball or airsoft. This link also means there is a larger amount of control over the game overall, which can in turn lead to greater freedom of scenarios and more focus on game play than controlling players.

3. What makes Battle Storm Advanced stand out?

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Battle Storm Advanced is the most advanced Laser Combat Simulation system in its class; systems have been purchased by the British Army for training purposes in both the Advanced system and CQB system. Many of its features are extremely innovative and have been patented so they are now unique to Battle Storm.

Replica weapons are used to create ultimate realism, as they feel and operate like the real thing; metal boxes are not realistic combat simulation!

Fully configurable weapons means the characteristics (rate of fire, range, etc) can easily be changed to support an infinite variety of modern, classic and futuristic scenarios.

The highly interactive system ensures players are continuously updated both verbally and visually on their performance and score, amongst other things.

Add-ons such as PGEs can be used for air strikes, bombs and other interactive props to give more depth to each scenario.

4. Who can play Battle Storm Advanced?

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It is advised that the Battle Storm Advanced system is played by teenagers upwards, due to the practicality of handling 1:1 replica weapons. Although playable by some younger teens, the Advanced system is aimed mostly at late teens to adults for the complexity of the scenarios that can be created, along with the operating of equipment.

For those who still wish to play Battle Storm with realistic weapons, there is Battle Storm CQB which offers weapons more ergonomically suited to young teens and under. There is also Hangar51 Laser Storm for those who prefer a futuristic Laser Tag system.

5. Who is Battle Storm Advanced aimed at?

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The Battle Storm Advanced system caters to a wide range of people and sites, as it all depends upon individual preference and other unique factors. If you think Battle Storm Advanced is something you would be interested in owning, running or playing, call our Customer Support office on 0800 848 8952 and we can talk to you about your options and answer any more questions you may have.